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SMS’s are not only for time pass, they build relationships, they help in motivation, they spread love, they keep friends in-touch, they make fun, they refresh our life, and more and more..!

Here, you will find great SMS’s which makes you to note down them and you love to keep them forever..

We have a wide range of SMS collections from friendship to love, from good morning wish to good night wish, you will find great SMSs which makes you to note down them. We have thousands of cute and sweet short message (sms) collections for your mobile phone. Feel Free to Browse Your favourite SMS Category


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F = Free from all formalities,

R = Right to say anything,

I = In anyway

E = Either good or bad

N = No sorry, no thanks

D = Dude Just like You

Few minutes ago,

I closed my eyes and saw you in my dream.

I found you happiest in this world,

if this is the way to see you happy,

I wish my eyes close forever…

What is love? Asked in a survey, answered by a 5 year girl,‘Love is…, when u tell a boy that u like his shirt and he starts wearing it everyday’!

Chill message for a cool person from a
Chill friend for a cool reason at a
Chill time on the cool day in a
Chill mood to say.
Once all village people decided to pray for rains. On the day of prayer all people gathered & only one boy came with an umbrella…


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